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Long Distance Relationship Advice + Our Story So Far

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25 Responses so far.

  1. EllieTagz says:

    but i love this video and we are staying strong 

  2. EllieTagz says:

    ive never met mine :( hes in america and im in england all we do is video

  3. nikki williams says:

    Are you two like gods or something?

    PS. He sounds like Harry Styles omfg

  4. Jazzy Pandaa says:

    OH MY GOD. So cute..both of you guys have such beautiful hair! lol

  5. Ohayou Minna-riana says:

    she reminds me of mina from hansel and gretel witch hunters

  6. Margaretb120500 says:

    I’m in a long distance relationship. When we have been visitin each other,
    it goes 2-3 months before we see each other again. I’m visiting him the 27
    december. And i’m gonna be there for almost two weeks, also on
    newyearseve!! But we’re very strong. We both want to be together for as
    long as possible and we love each other!!<3 i liked this video!! And your
    hair is amazing 

  7. Kourttnee23 says:

    how old are you two?

  8. Zahirah says:

    You guys are so cute. My otp <3

  9. Leah Ward says:

    sorry, probably a stupid question but where does he live? x

  10. Peggie Lao says:

    I been in a LDR for 2 weeks with someone special in Canada. I am from the
    U.S.A. We met through facebook on a page called stop discrimination against
    special needs. His mom asked for dating sites for her son with
    disabilities. I suggested friendship and love will come on it’s own time.
    We got a long so well, like as if we knew each other for years or
    something. not long after we started dating. We skype whenever we can and
    we facebook each other. I leave him tons of little cute messages:) We trust
    each other and love each other and he knows a few of my friends know and he
    knows I am extremely honest so if anything happen he knows within 24 hours
    no make that mins. We are so a like how random and mature and child like at
    the same time. We see beyond each other’s disability( I have inflammation
    in my muscles not sure why yet) He is funny, sweet, kind and supportive. He
    knows I go through rough times because of my dad he does his best to
    support me. We dream about they day we meet( I am Asian not allowed to have
    a bf till after college, so he is not allowed to meet me till I am done.)
    He understands and respect it. We always brighten each others day and we
    always tell each other we love each other. My bf is visually impaired and I
    forget what other disability he has. I don’t really ask because he is
    perfect no matter what to me:) He also knows what happen to my past
    relationship and I’m just really open about telling him everything. He is
    my best friend across the boarder 

  11. Aimi chan says:

    Is she a 30STM fan ? ^_____^

  12. Mine Chick says:

    Your Hair Is Awesome!

  13. Rixt Visser says:

    She looks like rapunzel and he is her prince :0

  14. TheProjectxMayhem says:

    This is awesome, guys. I need to do one myself, aha. I’ve been in a long
    distance relationship with my girlfriend for almost 3 years now. We only
    live an hour and a half apart, but I don’t drive, so I have to take the
    bus. Plus, I work. So.. it gets to be rough. We probably see each other, at
    least, once a month, sometimes every two months. We try not to go any more
    than that. It’s hard, but we both love and trust each other, so it works
    out. Great job, guys! Keep it up :)

  15. Lale Lalep says:

    You guys are really cute, but I don’t know why maybe is because I’m not
    used to hear the british accent BUT IT WAS REALLY HARD for me to understand
    btw I speak Spanish :) maybe is for that!!! 

  16. LeRandomAnon1 says:

    I agree wth Hailey Benson :)

  17. FashioNails says:

    Is his voice similar to Harrys? Omg

  18. wide-eyed maid says:

    I’m in a LDR since 6 months and we only saw each other twice, all together
    for 3 weeks. We do love each other and we skype like the whole time.

  19. Janie Blair says:

    u guys give me hope i’m currently in a long distance relationship hope
    everything works out well :)

  20. Flávia R. says:

    I had a long-distance relationship too, I’m from Brasil and he is from
    Sweden, and now we are living together! If you keep focus, in the future
    you might be together with your love. Don’t give up! 

  21. Nialler Brooks says:


  22. nasamaru148 says:

    I had a long distance relationship myself (Austria-Scotland) and I wish it
    worked out, but it didn’t. We were together for 2 months before he went to
    Scotland for another 2 months. He lost interest in texting with me everyday
    after a while and eventually also skyping with me once a week. And I didn’t
    trust him at all cause he always went partying and took drugs and yeah…
    After 2 months of him being away I visited him in Scotland and we broke up.
    It was really sad cause I still liked him a lot, but I also knew that it
    would be for the best. But now I have another long-distance relationship
    with another guy and I really do hope that we’ll be just like you two –
    absolutely perfect for each other <3

  23. Chel Mirez says:

    you two are suuuuuper cute! 

  24. Mark Panya Wienands says:

    Long distanced with the love of my life for 3 years, we meet about 2 – 3
    times a year on average. Now it’s over and I’m struggling to breathe, eat
    and live. :’(

  25. MarielleBunny says:

    What should i do if he lives in another country? :/

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